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Marilyn J. Bruguier Zimmerman, MSW

Marilyn J. Bruguier Zimmerman, MSW

  • Director, National Native Children’s Trauma Center

Marilyn J. Bruguier Zimmerman is an enrolled member of the Assiniboine-Sioux tribes of the Fort Peck reservation in Montana.   She is an Associate Director of the Institute for Educational Research and Services which allows her to work throughout the nation on culturally-relevant, evidence-based interventions to treat childhood traumatic stress, reduce risk factors and increase protective factors for substance abuse, violence and suicide among AI/AN youth.  Ms. Bruguier Zimmerman believes that integrating culturally based practices—an important protective factor in Indian Country.

Ms. Bruguier Zimmerman also provides training and technical assistance in Secondary Traumatic Stress Mitigation in diverse communities  across the United States among law enforcement, child welfare, primary health care and schools.  Ms. Bruguier Zimmerman has recently been named as one of twelve members of the National Child Abuse and Fatalities Commission.

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