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Schylar Baber

Schylar Canfield-Baber

  • Voice for Adoption
    Executive Director
  • Washington, D.C.

Schylar Baber entered the Montana foster care system at the age of six after being removed from his physically, sexually, and verbally abusive biological family. He experienced 11 foster homes, two group homes, and two residential treatment placements, one of which was Intermountain Children’s Home in Helena.

After aging out of the system, Baber became heavily involved in foster care advocacy. He has spoken to thousands of youth and adults from across the United States that are in the foster care system or involved with the system. He has spoken to legislators and many leaders about the need to dramatically improve the lives of youth currently living in foster care.

Baber graduated with his B.S. in Professional and Technical Communication and more recently his Master’s in Public Administration through the University of Montana. He is currently the VP of Montana Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), serves on the Board of Directors for FosterClub the National Network for Youth in Foster Care, and recently joined the ChildWise Institute Board. He has also worked with organizations including the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA), the National Resource Center for Youth Development (NRCYD), Intermountain Children’s Home President’s Counsel, and the National Youth Leadership Network (NYLN).

Baber continues to advocate on behalf of his nearly 500,000 foster brothers and sisters currently in the US foster care system. He believes, “not every foster youth is equipped to selfadvocate or fight for change in a system that so greatly impacts their lives. I feel pulled and dedicated to making a difference within the system and will continue to be a voice for those that haven’t found their own.”

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