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Todd Garrison

  • Executive Director – Curator

Since 2003 Todd Garrison has devoted himself to the work of helping and healing young traumatized children. First at Intermountain, a Montana non‐profit that has been committed to the plight of vulnerable children for more than one‐hundred years. His roles were in fund raising and project development. ChildWise  Institute was one of those projects. Since 2009, he’s been involved in the planning, launching and growth of ChildWise, a Montana not‐for‐profit 501c(3) organization. ChildWise is working hard to create safe, supportive families and communities for our nation’s vulnerable children. We are doing this by Advancing Awareness of the scope and depth of child well-being issues; Accelerating Knowledge, understanding, and best practices in the parenting and treatment of vulnerable children; and Advocating for Change around child well-being issues..

With a twenty‐five‐year background in business and management, Garrison was Founder & Managing Director of Priority Capital prior to joining Intermountain. Priority Capital provided venture‐debt financing to early‐stage  technology companies. His clients developed “bleeding‐edge” technologies in industries such as wireless communications, software, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biomedical, and electronics. Transactions provided by Garrison and his team at Priority Capital ranged from $500,000 to $10 million.


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