Accelerating Knowledge


There exists a huge gap between the understanding of complex emotional trauma, the expertise to treat it, and effective resiliency strategies… particularly in the home and outpatient settings.


Accelerating knowledge of best practices for parenting and treating traumatized and at-risk children through an array of online and community training’s, thereby improving family and social life for all children.

Inform, Educate, and Empower

  • We will launch a Self-Study online version of the Permanency Program for foster & adoptive parents, accessible nationwide.
  • We will publish, market and distribute Be Childwise: A Dynamic Approach to Raising and Caring For Emotionally Distressed Children  for parents across Montana and the nation.
  • We will train more than 20 individuals as ACE Study Master Trainers, and charge them with the responsibility of educating people across the entire state about the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and its implications for the well-being of our children.
  • We will carry out “listening sessions” statewide to hear the concerns of parents (biological, foster and adoptive) and the professionals who care for them.
  • Montana State University is offering a helpful online course for students (non-credited) and parents called “Reaching the Hurt Child.” For more information on the course, as well as enrollment instructions, click here.
  • We will host national-level speaker conferences in Montana, advancing knowledge, understanding, strategies and solutions to child well-being issues.
  • We will continue to initiate and produce live learning seminars in Montana for parents, professionals, educators, and those in the judicial system to elevate the well-being of children.

"Be Child Wise" Book & Workbook Now Available!

Learn tested and proven methods for raising happy, healthy kids in today's world.