Business Leaders in the ACE and Resilience Movement: A Different Kind of Bottom Line

ChildWise Institute is one of fourteen organizations in the nation to have received a two-year grant from the Health Federation of Philadelphia (with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) to advance awareness of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, and to accelerate trauma-informed actions with a purpose of becoming resilient-building communities all across Montana. This cohort of fourteen organizations is part of the Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC). We launched an initiative called Elevate Montana in 2013 in hopes of it becoming a message that would resonate and spread throughout the state… and it is gaining more and more traction every day!

One of the areas we are focusing on is growing a network of for-profit businesses that want to become ACE-aware and trauma-informed in the process of creating a resilient-building work environment. We are not alone in this effort! As you’ll see in this article, which is gaining national attention, there are other members of our MARC cohort engaging businesses in their communities. Together, we will all learn from each other to help create a movement in the business sector all across the nation! Imagine businesses everywhere that have increased their productivity, reduced absenteeism, enhanced the health of their employees, and increased their Return On Investment (ROI) — all because they understand the importance of how childhood adversity can affect us as adults, and became change-makers in their own workplace by supporting their employees in ways that increase their other ROI — Return On Impact!

Thanks to the Health Federation of Philadelphia andRobertt Wood Johnson Foundation for being leaders of positive change in our nation!





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