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It Takes Two to Tango – Training Now Available Online!

This training is built on the foundation of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and looks at the effects of working with traumatized children and youth, how trauma can manifest, interventions that can be used with traumatized children and youth and the importance of self-care. It also looks at the different types of attachment and the thoughts and behaviors associated with each type of attachment. Vicarious trauma, acute stress, burn out, and moral injury will also be discussed, along with self-awareness and the difference between self-restoration and self-care.

This workshop combines the specific expertise developed by Intermountain, a 111-year-old treatment agency in Montana. Intermountain is a nationally recognized nonprofit providing Hope and Healing for children and youth struggling with complex emotional challenges and their families.


It Takes Two To Tango – Course Description


Certificates of Completion and 6 hour continuing education certificates can only be issued to those who logged in and completed the training. Only one certificate is available per login.


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**Please note: This training discusses trauma and disruptive experiences in a way that may remind viewers and attendees of personal experiences. These experiences may result in disruptive memories or emotions that may be surprising or unwelcome to the viewer. If you have concerns regarding your ability to process this training in a healthy manner, we highly recommend you take this training only when you have appropriate support nearby such as someone you can trust or a mental health professional.

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