Imagine living inside a box buried inside a box buried inside a box…

That’s how Dr. Kent Hoffman, Co-Originator of Circle of Security International began his comments about this incredible new resource for parents! See his full statement below.

A short six years ago, ChildWise Institute was founded by Intermountain, a nationally-recognized organization specializing in helping and healing children from emotional and mental health disorders. Intermountain are also experts in helping families of distressed children create a nurturing environment of stability and success. I think of Intermountain as the trauma center that heals the wounds of children, youth, and families – and ChildWise a the organization working to stop the wounds from happening. We do this through three integrated strategies: Advance AwarenessAccelerate Knowledge, and Advocate for Positive Change. ChildWise is an independent 501-c-3 non-profit, but I refer to us as a social-profit organization because the goals and results of our work is a healthier community and state…. healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and economically.

We are so excited to announce the release of a new book called Be Child WiseRather than me telling you about the power of this invaluable resource, here’s what parents and professionals are saying:

“Imagine living inside a box buried inside a box buried inside a box. Now imagine your response to such a condition. Would your behavior be easy going or enjoyable to be around? Absolutely not. Your behavior would likely be somewhere on the continuum between intensely out of control or profoundly withdrawn.

Finding a way to reach a child “living inside a box buried inside a box buried inside a box” is precisely what this wonderful volume is offering its readers. As a parent or professional working with such a child you have come upon an approach that will help you understand the hidden pain and hidden needs that a child-at-risk simply can’t articulate.”
Dr. Kent T. Hoffman
Circle of Security International

“We all know the basic parenting complaint that kids don’t come with a guidebook.  Well, this book is the closest thing I have found for children who have been through trauma.  Finding all these resources in one place is a personal miracle – it would take years of attending top-notch parenting classes to amass all the ideas, hints, tips and new perspectives offered in this book.  When you work with this book, your child’s therapists will be asking for your resources!”
Patti Gilhousen Guptill, adoptive parent

This book is incredibly complete; a fabulous guide to making families wise and healthy. The book should be in every therapist’s, social worker’s and family’s hands. I especially like the ending statements for each chapter as a reminder of poignant thoughts and the permission for parents to read as they need and explore chapters that are relevant at a certain part of the child’s life. This will remain a classic.”
Sharon Kaplan Roszia M.S. 

“The relational treatment program outlined in this book literally saved my family.  It saved us from suicide, and very likely homicide, at the hands of my then 11-year-old adoptive child who suffered from attachment disorder.  I am a far better parent and my child is far healthier thanks to this program.”
Adoptive Parent

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