Teaming Up to Help Traumatized Children

Intermountain and Bigfork school district collaborate on new day-treatment program for students on school campus!

For many years, Intermountain, the founding organization of ChildWise Institute, has been making tremendous strides in the Helena area schools with in-school services for kiddos that have experienced stress and trauma in their lives. But it’s not about Intermountain, it’s about how these kiddos are becoming more successful in school and realizing higher levels of hope for their futures!

And now, Intermountain is doing the same thing for Bigfork schools. Thanks to a visionary and caring school Superintendent, Matt Jensen, Intermountain will provide therapeutic support for the kids and their families! This is an unusual opportunity and approach, but one that Intermountain believes works. and they should know. Intermountain has done this successfully for many years in the greater Helena area.

“It’s hard for us to have a kid in our system that we’re working with blood, sweat, and tears, and just pouring everything we can into this kid, and then send them away to a program outside of town,” Jensen said. “It’s good for them — God bless them when they go — but we’re totally invested with the child and the family. This model where we can have them in our schools — the program is great.”


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