The Trauma-Informed School Workshop! TRAINING COMPLETED

May 12th, 2017 – Great Falls, MT    Holiday Inn – 1100 5th St. South

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Because of the tremendous demand, and because Montana has hundreds of schools that could benefit from understanding how toxic stress and ACEs can affect a child’s behavior and their ability to learn, ChildWise is considering presenting this workshop in other areas of Montana soon. STAY TUNED and watch our website!

*Cancellation Policy: Full refund (less $30 processing fee) if canceled 72 hours prior to the conference. No refund after this deadline.

Agenda (click)

Plus! —

special screening of “Paper Tigers”  on Wednesday, May 11th at 6:30 p.m. at C.M. Russell High School, followed by an exclusive Q & A Session with Jim Sporleder

THIS WORKSHOP IS a comprehensive one-day trauma-informed workshop that is designed to give School Leadership Teams the understanding, knowledge, and tools they need to successfully create a trauma-informed learning environment that will reach into the future for decades. Schools are encouraged to send “Leadership Teams” of 2 to 8 (or more) members. The workshop is designed to be interactive and time will be provided for Leadership Teams to create their own action plan to take back to their schools. This workshop will enhance the work you are doing with the MT Behavioral Initiative (MBI). This is not simply another conference. This is the beginning of long-term, sustainable positive change for our students, schools staff, and our school systems.  *Each participant will be given “The Trauma-Informed School Guide” (pictured), which is included in the registration cost.

About the Trainer
Jim Sporleder

Jim Sporleder, former Principal of Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA. Lincoln High School was one of the first high schools in the country to create a “Trauma Informed” school.  Lincoln High School gained national attention due to the significant decrease in out of school suspensions, increased graduation rates and the number of students going on to post-secondary education. These dramatic changes caught the attention of Jamie Redford, who spent a year filming a documentary, Paper Tigers, which tells the Lincoln story.

Heather T. Forbes co-authored the Administrative Guide and has published other books on helping students who struggle with traumatized lives. Her powerful book “Help for Billy”, will be available for a discounted purchase at the workshop.

What Can I Expect From This Workshop?

  1. A review of evidenced-based research on how trauma impacts brain development and student behavior.
  2. Participants will learn about their own self-regulation and identify their “triggers” that impact their students coming from toxic home environments.
  3. Participants will be encouraged to look at a “New Approach” to student behavior that is supported by evidence-based research.
  4. Effective systems will be introduced to successfully work with our most challenging students, yet is good for all students.

Leadership Team Activities

Assessing Personal and School Perspectives

  1. What are my “Triggers” that lead me to be dysregulated, or not responding well to student behavior?
  2. How does your school handle noncompliant students who are disrupting the learning environment?
  3. How would you assess your main office’s service to parents, staff, and students?
  4. Motivation of staff to move towards trauma-informed practices.
  5. Does your school have “Calm Room” elementary schools, or In School Suspension Room secondary schools?
  6. Are your consequences traditional or trauma-informed?

Effective Trauma-Informed Systems

  1. How to effectively use a Calm Room for Elementary Level Students.
  2. How to effectively use an In School Suspension Room for Secondary Level Students.
  3. Student of Concern meetings with action plans.
  4. Pre and Post Staff Surveys
  5. Pre and Post Student Surveys
  6. How to use a School Resource Officer Effectively
  7. Tracking Student Infractions.
  8. Intervention and Prevention Strategies when working with students who are struggling and disrupting the learning environment.


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