What We Stand For

“If 20 million people were infected by a virus that caused anxiety, impulsivity, aggression, sleep problems, depression, respiratory and heart problems, vulnerability to substance abuse, antisocial and criminal behavior, retardation and school failure, we would consider it an urgent public health crisis.

Yet, in the United States alone, there are more than 20 million abused, neglected and traumatized children vulnerable to these problems. Our society has yet to recognize this epidemic, let alone develop an immunization strategy.”

-B. D. Perry M.D Ph.D. World Renowned Expert on Child Trauma (www.childtrauma.org)

ChildWise Institute
is driven by more than thirty years of experience from its founding organization healing young children who’ve suffered complex emotional trauma from abuse, neglect and chaotic environments. The founders of ChildWise had been increasingly dismayed by this swirling epidemic and the absence of a cohesive and collaborative effort to address it. ChildWise Institute was created with a dedicated focus to address this public health crisis and be a catalyst for social change.

Specifically, ChildWise is a catalyst for change through three integrated strategies; Advancing Awareness of child well-being issues; Accelerating Knowledge of understanding and best practices around child well-being issues, and Advocating for Change in funding, protection, treatment and well-being of children and their families..

It is our intent to change the way our society thinks and responds to child well-being issues. We intend to be part of the immunization strategy this nation needs.

ChildWise Institute exists for impact, outcomes, and societal change because clarity about what truly matters and being abhorred by the maltreatment of children changes nothing. It requires action. Action that is passionate, competent and focused with a vision to make a total difference in the life of one child, and then another, and then another…

Together we can act. We can create a more family-centered culture where every child is emotionally & physically healthy, and has a healthy permanent home. Together, we can do what truly matters.

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